Food & Drink Machines

South New Jersey Pop Corn Machine Rentals

popcorn[1]Commercial quality with 8oz kettles, heat lamps and warming decks. Your popcorn will remain fresh & hot for hours. Pop corn portion packs are premeasured with the kernals, oil and seasoning. You just cut them open and dump them in the kettle (popper).

$25.00 for 50 servings – includes pre-mixed packets of oil & corn, and 50 containers.

Cotton Candy Machines

cottoncandy[1]Cotton candy machine makes 4 servings per minute and over 100 oz. of Cotton Candy per hour. This unit should be plugged in to it’s own 15amp circuit and be used with no more than 25′ of extension cord of at least 12 gauge.

$15.00 for 65 servings – includes 1 box of Sugar Floss and 65 Cones. An Extra 65 servings is only $12.00 additional.

Snow Cone Machines

snocones[1]Snow cone machine can shave 500 pounds of cube or chunk ice per hour! In an instant you can be serving snow cones to the whole crowd, young and old.

$18.00 for 65 servings – includes one gallon of syrup, and 65 cones. An Extra 65 servings is only $15.

Hot Dog Steamers

hotdogsteamer[1]Cooks up to 90 hot dogs and 40 hotdog buns at the same time! Very simple to operate, fill with water and turn it on, add your hotdogs and hot dog buns and 45 minutes later your eating.

Frozen Drink Machines

drinkmachines[1]Two large 3 gallon hoppers for optimum cooling and serving capacity. Just pour in mix and allow approx 2 hrs. for frozen drinks. Add additional mix gradually as needed.

First 2 mixes are included with machine rental. Additional mixes are $20 each.

Rental Includes:

  • Choice of 2 Flavors – (Serves approximately 140 – 8 oz. frozen drinks, 70 per bottle of mix)
  • Decorative Hawaiian Cart (with Thatched Umbrella)
  • 2 five gallon mixing containers
  • Extension Chord
  • Local Delivery, Set Up & Pickup included

Kid’s Flavors & Directions

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Mango
  • Pina Coloda

In a five gallon container, add one bottle of the mix and then fill container with water to the five gallon line. Shake well.